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Default Re: David Byrne: 'The internet will suck all creative content out of the world'

This quote caught my eye:

“The markets for housing, automobiles, music, books, and many other products show a common trend: Younger consumers opting to rent or subscribe to pay-per-use arrangements instead of buying and owning the physical products. Shared facilities will overtake established offices, renting units will become more common than owning a home, and sales of books and music might never become popular again.” From “Consumption 2.0,” by Hugo Garcia, January–February, 2013.

It suggests that renting music is the future - maybe subscriptions? A rented download is long way from the presence and excitement of first getting a big vinyl disc, LP cover art, and fold outs with lyrics and blurb (though you can Google most of those things).

Looking back further, listening to an LP was a long way from singing around the piano too. Once again people won't be able to own music (for different reasons, of course) but have ready means to create it at home, although as an individual rather than family group. Music ownership and the audience / performer dynamic seem to be cyclical.


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