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Default Re: What type of drumstick tip do you prefer- Teardrop, Acorn or Oval?

Originally Posted by BigDinSD View Post
I'm trying out some different sticks, as my brick of Pro Marks is almost done.
I love the feel of the Regal Tip 5A and have heard good things about the Vic Firths.

So my question has to do with the response or advantages of these tip styles.
Also, how would adding an extra 1/4 inch to the length affect performance?

As always - thanks!
Best thing to do would be buy a few pair and try them out.

I use Regal Tip 5BX, it's 1/4" longer than a normal stick and has an acorn tip.
I tried just about every size and model stick before that came along. It's what just ended up being right for me, and I feel I can do ANY style gig with that one stick.

I say if you like the Regal Tip 5A as a size, try a few pairs out of similar models.
Keep in mind Regal's 5A is a little thicker than everyone else's.

All of these sticks are the same size, but with a different tip

Regal Tip 5A - .580" x 16" - Teardrop Tip
Vic Firth 55A - .580" x 16" - Acorn Tip
Pro Mark 808 Paul Wertico model - .579" x 16" Round Tip
Vater Josh Freese H-220 model - .580" x 16" Rounder Teardrop Tip
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