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Default Re: Roland spd-sx click track issue

The answer is no, and this is one of my biggest issues with the SPD-SX. Why does the unit have 2 sets of stereo outs, with pads that will trigger 2 sounds, yet both sounds have to come out of the same designated outs? The sounds can't be split!

Well, there is a workaround if you have pads to spare: you can link one pad to another. That is, you strike one pad, it plays its sound, and at the same time it triggers a linked pad that plays its sound. You can send the first pad sounds to one set of outs, and the linked pad sound (your click) to the other. Or in your case, the phones.

It seems like a simple fix for Roland though. The fact that there are 2 sets of outs, and a pad will trigger 2 sounds, but the sounds only go to one set, is kinda shortsighted IMO. I wrote to Tim Root a while back, he's got the ear of the techs in Japan. Maybe there'll be a firmware update down the line?

I have a few issues with this unit, Roland got so close to being truly pro (even the Alesis SamplePad has it beat in some ways.) But, it does what it does well enough. With a few concessions, I made it work for touring purposes. I suppose Roland's response would be 'if you need it to do more, you probably need a software solution'. They may be right. but I still question why there are hardware aspects to the unit - such as 2 stereo outs - that aren't being utilized to their fullest.

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