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Default Hudson - Spanky McCurdy - Off Time/On Time

George 'Spanky' McCurdy - Off Time/On Time


Nicely produced but ultimately covers topics that are covered more completely in other books. A DVD that didn't need to be made.

Intermediate - Funk/Gospel players


Hudson Music

The DVD aims to cover the idea of playing with the illusion of being off time but still remaining in time.
It is the usual high quality Hudson production and sounds good (Spanky has some interesting choice in cardigans) but is ultimately let down because all the topics covered are covered in other material in a much more details and thought through manner.

In a similar way to the Aaron Spears DVD, Spanky knows what he plays but can;t communicate that effectively enough. His playing doesn't grab me like Aarons does and as such the DVD isn't massively entertaining either.

As i could workout 'Off time' to spanky means either displacing the beat by whole quarter notes or a combination of polyrhythms and syncopated phrases in the hats and or snare which are then mirrored in the kick.

If these topics are something that interest you i would check out the Gavin Harrison books and dvds and also possibly some stuff by Pete Magadini or Thomas Lang.

Spanky isn't a bad player, he has to be good to play for Lady Gaga, but like lots of dvds and books out didn't need to be made.


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