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Default Re: I think it's time we address why stock heads are so bad

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
That's what many boutique builders offer, and I think it's a good idea for a small company (read: a couple of guys in a garage) that's not buying huigh quantities of heads which might entittle them to special direct-pricing from one head manufacturer or another.
That choice isn't just open to "a couple of guys in a garage" Jon, it's a choice for all drum manufacturers supplying to customer order. It's a cost thing - period.

I have no issue with drum companies supplying low cost heads. If you buy based largely on price, then guess what, the drum company supplies based largely on price.

We supply exactly what the customer requires. If the customer doesn't state a preference, we supply heads we believe (& have tested as such) represent the broadest talent foundation for the instrument. We have OEM direct pricing from all three main head manufacturers, & those manufacturers are very happy to work with us. Our default head supply is Evans, & on snares, it's G1 coated over Hazy 300 + Puresound blaster wires every time.

The cost difference between main line quality heads & branded Asian sourced heads is very considerable, much more so than the drum buying public realise. Same deal with lugs & other hardware. The multiplier is huge.

With many company retail & distribution models, bear in mind that the price you pay is on another scale compared to material & factored component cost. Applied to the average ply kit production model, that $1,000 kit you buy from the store, has a total component & material cost (including shells, but excluding labour) of around $200. Using that same model, imagine how much a $20 uplift in heads cost makes to the store price. This is why you get cheap heads with many kits.
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