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Default Re: Roland TD-11 module questions

Originally Posted by walsoe View Post
Hi Guys

Im a fairly new drummer (1-year) and im struggeling with annoying technical stuff. I bought the Roland TD-11.

- When using the Mix In, what comes through to my headphones is noisy and disturbed music. It seem like a faulty connection somewhere, but it worked the first month or so. I bought new cables but nothing. Anyone experienced something similar? I have reset to factory setting as well.

- Anyone can recommend a good place to get some new kits in? Im sort of lost, and I just deeply desire a great sound so i can keep on practicing. The pre-sets seem completely off with the toms really loud, the kick none-existing and the snare tricky to hit right.

Thanks a bunch fellows

Well you can read my thread about my studio set up with a Roland TD-4K2 below--I don't even use the internal sounds because the drums sound so sick when using midi to trigger addictive drums. So there is something to be said for getting AD, or Superior Drummer, etc, and expanding with midi. Also gives you layering options with the audio output of your Roland Module.
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