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Default Re: I think it's time we address why stock heads are so bad

Originally Posted by The Old Hyde View Post
Im still using the stock Ludwig heads that came on my Supralite. Not dented at all and breaking in nicely. Its like a coated Emperor or something. Are you being a little biased towards Evans for endorsement reasons and not giving the heads a chance??
I'm not biased for endorsement reasons, I do give the heads a chance, and that's how I know that there are such variances in quality and usability compared to US-made heads. I do plan to take my new drum out with its current heads, knowing that they may or may not work well for me.

But head preferrences aren't limited to US over Asian, I typically change heads on my US drums because they're just not the type of head I prefer on the drum in question. When my Ludwig Keystone toms showed up with Evans G2 Clear batters, I changed them to G12s and G1s. When my Legacies showed up with Ludwig Coated Mediums on the toms, I changed all of those as well. New Ludwig (US) snares occasionally get a new batter from the start, but now always. Also, I typically leave the Ludwig snare side on until it needs replacement.

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