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Default Re: I think it's time we address why stock heads are so bad

It's called value engineering. They'll squeeze out every nickel they can get away with if it doesn't take away from the bottom line and only helps to increase it.

I was fine with the Remo heads when I got my Pork Pie BOB snare drum. I still use the reso head. Why not? Awhile back when I got a new Ddrum snare, that drum's stock head was a different story. Maybe if I would have changed out that stock head I could have had a better appreciation for that drum. Maybe I just like metal snare drums.(?)

I am really reluctant to change out the stock heads on this GP set that I use with my garage band. They actually sound really good still. Of course it doesn't hurt that the guy who owns the kit is a drum tech, amongst other titles, who knows how to tune - and play good for that matter. Somebody left the kit with him for safe keeping, but I do most of the playing on that kit, so I added a few personal touches of my own to the kit.
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