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Default Re: I think it's time we address why stock heads are so bad

Originally Posted by TColumbia37 View Post
My problem is that I believe the quality of the components that a company uses should reflect the company's overall quality of work. I feel it speaks poorly about them to cheap out on such an important part of a drum's sound. I know that if l were building and selling drums, I would always include quality heads.
US-made drums normally come with US-made Evans, Remo or Aquarian heads. US companies that import some of their drums usually outfit them with Asian-made heads that help keep the price lower. If you were building and selling US drums, you'd do it your way. If you had a line of imports, you'd look at the bottom line and include the cheaper heads.

People keep saying that the foreign Remos are the same as the domestics.
They're not, nor are the Asian "Evans" or "Ludwig" heads comparable to the US versions. It's a given that the non-US heads normally need quick replacement. That shouldn't be held against the particular drum or head companies, it's strictly business.

Suppose you're an Evans guy, and a drum arrives with Remo heads, and you've paid a premium for those heads. But you're only going to replace them with your faves anyway, so why not keep the price down at the start? The companies are smart... they already know this. If there's any reflection on the company, it's that they are doing their best to keep costs down while offering options (yes, so they can sell more product.) I'm perfectly happy with cheap heads, it means I can go straight to my preferred heads without having to spend much on the ones I don't like.

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