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Default Re: I think it's time we address why stock heads are so bad

My problem is that I believe the quality of the components that a company uses should reflect the company's overall quality of work. I feel it speaks poorly about them to cheap out on such an important part of a drum's sound. I know that if l were building and selling drums, I would always include quality heads. Whether or not the included heads were what some people would prefer, I could rest easily knowing that they are good quality and will last longer than the cheaper alternatives. And, well, less people would feel the need to switch the heads out as soon as they get the drum(s), because they would get a better idea of the drum's capabilities with the nicer heads than they would otherwise. Take into consideration the plethora of people who use the stock heads for quite some time. They're not experiencing as good of tone as they could be had the drum come with better quality heads. I work in the quality department of the company by which I am employed, and the problems I see the most, hands down, come from cheaping out on parts that they don't think are necessarily very important.

People keep saying that the foreign Remos are the same as the domestics. If that were really the case, Remo would be making all of their heads over there to save money. My kit came with foreign pinstripes over ambassadors. I replaced them with domestics of the same heads, and they immediately sounded much better.
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