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Default Boston Red Sox win the Series.

Some of you may know that the Sox,have won the World Series.As a life long Yankee fan that saw Mantle,Maris,Berra and Ford play at the Yankee Stadium,I rooted for Boston from the close of the regular season,through the world series.

To give you some perspective,Thats like a Manchester United fan,cheering for Liverpool in the FA cup final.

The reason I chose this was becaose of the Boston Marathon Bombings in April of this year.

The people of Boston needed their team to win the series in Boston,because the needed something positive and rare to happen,to re-energize the City.The Red Sox,haven't won a world series at home,since 1917.

Boston need to heal,and this will make some of the healing process happen a bit faster.Bravo Boston.These guy were a scruffy talented and driven team and deserved to win this for the people of Boston.

This should give all of us pause,to realize that we need to dig deep on occasion,to make our dreams happen.

Steve B
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