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Default Re: David Byrne: 'The internet will suck all creative content out of the world'

The one major grouse I have about the internet is file sharing. It's become so common place to just download a torrent, that people are no longer supporting people that produce art. Or software.

But the same thing can't be done with a car or a refrigerator or a television. People are scared to steal cars and fridges. They don't think twice about digitised content because it's not a physical commodity.

I keep hearing the same arguments: the record industry is cheating the artists, artists make more money from touring, artists should starve for their art.

But the fact is that people like free stuff. And it's sad, when everyone praises capitalism, that they would go berserk if their favourite band decided to have a limited release on a proprietary format that they couldn't download. The same guys that are stealing the maximum from musicians and software companies are the guys that are putting out dozens of crap online records, polishing their turd with stolen plugins.

Offer free stuff and people will be killing each other in the line so that they can get more than their fair share. Tell them they can steal it for free when it has a price tag and they'll become Communists.

I also think the dig at Radiohead was uncalled for. I think it was great the way they released an album online and asked people to pay whatever they liked. It reminds of something similar done by Nine Inch Nails, when they released an entire album for free.

You know what? It was soon packaged as a torrent for people to leech off. Disgusting.

It'll take legislation alright. And I'm all for it, as unpopular as that might be in the minds of the masses. I think of it as protection of a minority.
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