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Default The Vices!

What are you guys addicted to? Or maybe not even addicted. Something besides drums that you just love too much to quit?

For starters, I'm a beer nerd, especially when it comes to Stouts, dark ales, and just about any lager. I prefer craft brews like Flying Dog, Oscar Blues, New Belgium is probably my favorite - I worship their 1554, and about all their Lips of Faith beers. And of course, I like some commercial stuff like Sam Adams, and George Killian.

I'm also big on food. If I wasn't such an active cat, I think I'd weigh four-hundred pounds. I mean, I'm no small fry as it is, but the way I put it away, I'd be huge. I dig fast food, but I also love pizza, authentic Chinese, Italian, Mexican, or the simple stuff like fried chicken. I worship good barbecue. I'm convinced I could live off barbecue and die of a heart attack at 35 with a smile on face.
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