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Default Re: 2014 Music HOF Nominees

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
My vote would go for...

My heart goes for Deep Purple, just for old time sake... and all those hours listening to "In Rock" and "Machine Head"... yeah, I'm an old git :)
Amen to that. I accidentally let the needle carry on after "Smoke on the Water" at my uncle's house as a kid ... and I found "Lazy" ... which had a lasting effect on me. The hard rock / shuffle was something I was continually drawn towards for the next few decades (and prob to this day). This actually brought me to blues and jazz as well - as I searched for more "swing" in all its different facades.

But seriously, for the RRHOF ... look at the band! Think of the countless musicians that Lord, Blackmore, and Paice have influenced - incredible. Should have been in eons ago IMHO.

radman (another "old git" ... I think.... the UK terminology causes problems over here... lol)
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