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Default Re: David Byrne: 'The internet will suck all creative content out of the world'

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
Yeah, Bob Lefsetz talks about this all the time. Artists like Byrner and people in the music industry are living in the past. There's no stopping the new markets.
Living in the past? I think it's you who are living in the past. The DISTANT past.

There is a lot of money going to the WRONG people. The only thing allowing this is legislation that is "living in the past" and governments who refuse to enforce existing laws.

Believe me, if there was a will, this problem would be solved immediately.

Apple, Spotify, Pandora, Facebook, Google, YouTube ALL need to pay up, and pay up BIG. None of them would exist if it weren't for all the content that they refuse to pay A FAIR PERCENTAGE for. NONE OF THEM.
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