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Originally Posted by Bonham to the moon
alrite, i can agree with most of what your saying but that statement is absolutely rediculous, please name 15 people that BEFORE OR DURING his time had a faster right foot. And please provide some examples of their playing. I pretty much exclusively listen to stuff before 1980, and i havent heard anybody touch bonham in his right foot speed, let alone power.
And in one fell swoop, the discussion returns to the banal.

Serious, BTM - do you really, really think it is essential for your man Bonham to be The Fastest, The Most Powerful? Can't he just be an amazing musician? My favourite studio drummer around today is Matt Chamberlain. Does that mean I have to argue that his hands are better than Vinnie's? No! I just happen to like his stuff more.

So, I guess the ultimate answer is: Who cares? And if so, why?
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