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Default 14" Floor Tom Heads

Hey all, have a situation I need some help with.

Not a huge issue, but something that I think about pretty regularly. On my kit, I've got 10", 12", 14", and 16" toms and 20" and 22" bass drums.

For my jazz gig, I play 10", 14", 20", and with my rock band, I play 12", 14", 16", 22". The 14" floor tom is the only drums that gets played with both bands, so this is why I'm at a crossroad.

I'd like Coated Emperors on my drums with the rock band with lower tuning, but Coated Ambassadors on the drums for my jazz gigs tuned up higher (I have all the heads already). I play with both bands pretty regularly, which is why I don't feel like changing the heads for every rock band rehearsal and every jazz gig, but I think that's what I may just do, unless someone can suggest a better option.

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