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Default Re: Portability question

I own the DD65. The pads for the cymbals are raised up a couple inches higher than the pads for the snare and toms, which makes playing patterns feel somewhat like playing on a normal kit, just with a diminished range of motion.

The kick and hi-hat pedals are flat with buttons in the middle that you step on, so the feel is different than that on a normal kit, although it's not a very hard transition to make. You still move your feet up and down to operate them. You lose the full range on the hi-hat, though. It's either open or closed. You can purchase Yamaha's HH65 controller for around $90 to get a more realistic hi-hat feel.

The sounds are OK. The toms and kick sound a bit compressed and electronic, like 1990's drum machine samples. The snare and cymbals are pretty realistic.

I'm not familiar with the Alesis unit, so I can't comment on that.

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