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Default Re: 3/8" memory locks

Originally Posted by EricT43 View Post
Hi guys.

Did you know that a cymbal boom arm has 6 possible adjustments?!?! Up/down in the clamp, rotation in the clamp, up/down on the ratchet, rotation of the rod in the ratchet, extension length of the rod in the ratchet, and tilt angle of the cymbal holder. No wonder it takes so bloody long for me to set up my cymbals!

I recently got myself a PDP rack, and so far I'm loving it. My goal is to get my setup time as low as possible, since I rehearse and/or gig a couple of times per week. That means memory locks on everything!

I have some older booms stands that I'm using with the rack (minus the bases of course). The boom rods are 3/8" in diameter, versus the 1/2" that is typical today, and I have not been able to find memory locks for them. Any idea where I can get some?
Huh, that is a lot of adjustments!

You'd probably have more luck if you searched for the meter equivalent, which is 10.5mm. I know Gibraltar makes a memory lock for that size but can't remember the specific model number. Anyways, should be plenty of options.
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