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Default Re: DW 9000 vs. DW 5000

Having owned axis, 5000's cobra's demons and trying speed cobras and 9000's i figured id pipe in..

the 9000's to me feel VERY heavy. i had a hard time playing fast on them. they are solid gigging pedals as they are tanks.. but the 5000 had a much nicer feel

the 5000's seem like the regular cobras to me in feel. I have tried speed cobras and didn't mind them. I know 2 people with them and both took them back because they broke very fast.

now.. as far as someone saying axis pedals break all the time? I have owned my axis longboards for 8 years. never had an issue.. but i replaced the shaft once... in 8 years thats pretty reasonable. they are the fastest pedals i have ever owned. but have a very light feel. they take some serious getting used too.

the pearl demon drives are my newest pedals and they combine the speeds of the axis with the power of IC's and 5000's..........

I am sold with the demon drives, but theres a ton of settings you can change on all these pedals....

go try them all out side by side and see what you like
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