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Default Re: Protection Racket. Is it a racket?

This is the response I got from Dean Bowdery of PR:

Thanks for your mail and thanks for your kind words regarding our cases, very much appreciated :-)

Upon reading you mail, I expected the pictures you sent to show the holes on the inside of the case, however they show holes on the outside of the case? I am struggling to see how the drum rim/hoops /nuts on the inside of the case can cause holes on the outer fabric through the inner fleece & 8mm of combination foam? The back of our outer 600denier polyester is also PU coated, it cannot be worn through without a considerable amount of continual rubbing with a sharp object, this would take forever! In 20 years of manufacture and hundreds of thousands of bass drum cases sold, I have never seen this problem before. Simple physics prove that even if the drum were laid on its end in storage these holes wouldn't appear on the outer fabric unless the cases was moving on a rough abrasive surface continuously for a considerable amount of time. The foam used in our cases is the same thickness for all cases.

The only conclusion I can come to is that the case has come into contact with an abrasive surface?

Thanks & best wishes from the UK,


Although nothing said, it doesn't appear they are going to do anything abut it.
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