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Default Re: I want better sound will the Roland PM 30 give it to me?

Tuning a kit to sound good in your headphones will result in it sounding not so good on your monitor. Same goes for tuning a kit to sound good on your monitor. There is a give and take that has to happen if you want your headphones and monitor to sound the same. This can be achieved by using a nice set of studio monitors, but it doesn't guarantee it will sound the exact same on both the headphones and the monitor. They will be close but they will sound a bit different based on the frequency ranges each are optimized for, the sound field will feel different, the room's natural ambiance will effect the monitor's sound, etc...

Ultimately, you have to choose how the kit should be tuned to sound good on the device you plan on listening to it. If you primaraly play with headphones on, then I recommend tuning the kit to sound good in your headphones. This way you are happy most of tbe time. If you want to play off the amp you just have to realize it will sound a little different and be comfortable with that.
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