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Default Studio Set Up With A TD-4K2

Thought I'd share my Electronic Set-Up to show what can be done with an Electronic Kit....

The Kit: Roland TD-4K2, with 4 Pdx-8 and 1 Pdx-125BK mesh pads, C-15Y ride, 3 cy-8 crash, and cy-5 hi hat. An Alesis Trigger I/O module provides extra trieggers.

Software: The pads trigger kits on Addictive Drums. Playback is throught a UAD-2 Solo DSP card. Each AD output channel has a channel strip and equalization. The processed output is sent to an EMU-1616m sound card. The 1616m has 2 aux sends for sending the final mix or individual drums to a dual channel lexicon MX-400 reverb. Final mixes are monitored with an EMU-0404 USB sound card. The addictive Drums runs inside Cubase 5 64 bit.

I also have Reason, but I use it for other things besides drums. Also, I have an EMU Emulator X3 sampler/synthesizer that I can either sample the drums, or trigger addicitonal samples to layer. The audio output of the Roland TD-4s sound module is turned off, unless I select drums to output on its audio channel. which gives me another option for layering.

I built this setup over the years, it originally started as a guitar/vocals/bass recording studio, and evolved into this. the computer (upgraded this summer) is an Intel i3770 with 3 Samsung SSD hard drives and overkill 32Gb of ram. Here are some pics, feel free to ask about any set ups, mixing, sounds, etc.
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