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Default Re: Flattening toms?

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post

Well, he once missed a tour over back problems
I've read elsewhere that it was a result of sitting too low. But where, I don't recall.

I made it quite clear it IS one topic.

I said:
"I only bring up, because I've heard some drummers say they like flat drum set ups because that's how they learned to play in marching band."

How is that NOT on topic of drum set?

I can't. Neither you can prove a flat set up will lead to physical issues.

Clearly ,speculation, on your part.

In the same token, When someone set their kit up with angled toms,somebody saw it,and copied it,and then,somebody else copied it,and then......
EXACTLY,and by doing so,create a "fashion",just like the first guy to wear a tie die shirt in the late 60's.And after a time,when enough people do the same thing,or wear the same type of becomes.......wait for it........FASHION.

And what else happen with anything that is in fashion?Eventually,it will no longer be in fashion.

Why are some people so afraid of that word?

I clearly said that "How does anyone know that drummers won't have physical issues" reguarding a flat set up.This indicated that I don't know,nor do I speculate that it will..

Steve B
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