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Default Re: Flattening toms?

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
DrumeatDrum....First of all,how can you be absolutely certain, that Simon Phillips has back problems that are directly caused by playing drums?How can you also directly attreibute it to his set up?If he in fact has back problems,he clearly dosen't show it.

Clearly ,speculation.

Well, he once missed a tour over back problems
The "Tambu Tour" proved to be another success, although there were no North American dates. Simon Phillips suffered from a back problem, so Gregg Bissonette had to fill in for him during the first leg of the tour in late 1995.
I've read elsewhere that it was a result of sitting too low. But where, I don't recall.

Secondly,we're talking about drum SET,and not marching drums .The topic is flattening toms,using a drum KIT,not timp toms, tenor drums or marching snares.More that a few drum corps timp tom quad set up drummers DO have back problems.This isn't on topic really is it?
I made it quite clear it IS one topic.

I said:
"I only bring up, because I've heard some drummers say they like flat drum set ups because that's how they learned to play in marching band."

How is that NOT on topic of drum set?

Thirdly,how does anyone know,that years down the road,that drummers that set up their kits with flat ,and low toms,won't have physical issues either?
I can't. Neither you can prove a flat set up will lead to physical issues.

Clearly ,speculation, on your part.

When someone set their kit up with flat toms,somebody saw it,and copied it,and then,somebody else copied it,and get the picture now?If you set up that way,and it works for you...after having tried other set ups,then do what's best for you.If you're doing it because it just looks cool and hip,but playing that way really dosen't ring your bell....then screw cool,change it up.
In the same token, When someone set their kit up with angled toms,somebody saw it,and copied it,and then,somebody else copied it,and then......
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