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Default Re: Flattening toms?

Originally Posted by poika View Post
You could say "drum fashion" - or you could say "changing things up a little every once in a while keeps things fresh".

My preference is - like many others have - to have everything slightly tilted towards me, both cymbals and drums. No need to reach or get awkward, everything is accessible and comfortable. Easy to play at all dynamic levels.

I have my rack tom on a snare stand - not because it's cool, but because the bass drum has been broken and re-glued and I don't want to stress the drum. It looks cool, yes, in a way. But so does a mounted tom.

Do I see stuff on the net and get ideas? Yes. I might even try some new things because I'm curious, just to see how it feels. But at the end of the day I set up my drums the way they feel the most natural to me.

It's not about fashion.
Varying your set up to change things up isn't drum fashion.But the current flat tom thing is.Lots of younger players are copying each others set up,....not all,but some,just as a Ludwig double bass set was the rage in the late 60's early 70's.

Steve B
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