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Default Re: Am I a terrible drummer?

Originally Posted by mikel View Post
As Stewart Copeland said: "Slavish devotion to copying and emulation is the death of musical creativity. . That whole thing of replicating what others do is a siren call. The sirens lure you to the rocks of unoriginality."
Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
I don't care as much as you do. Ringo can go pound sand. Sorry that I don't hold all these drummers in such high regard as you do. I like playing things my own way and hitting the signature parts. If I think a part is lacking, then I make it my own. If I can't play a part, then I do what I can. I don't hold such a deep reverence for the original song parts like you guys.

So freakin' what?
The point that I was trying to make, especially for a musician learning the craft, is that "making it your own" is fine. But start with learning the original so that you know and understand what the song is about. Not necessary to the point of transcribing it and playing it note for note. But getting the feel and vibe of the song across. If you don't have the facility to play it note for note, or hit the signature parts they way they were done originally (and by that I mean indistinguishable from the original, not just transcribed and gotten though) then simplify. Listen and think about what stays with you. What part of the pulse makes you think of that song? Break it down until you can play what you are able to play with that pulse, that feel. Then add in more. Maybe some of yourself, maybe as you progress more of what the original musician did. Maybe at some point when you are in the right situation you can turn it on it's head and really make it new and refreshing. e.g. the Dirty Loops guys. But I'll bet you they can also play everything indistinguishably from the record too. "Making it their own" is not a cop out from being able to play it.
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