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Default Re: Flattening toms?

i like my toms flat just because with a flatter angle i get better rebound and can play faster. I never once set my drums up to match another drummers set. or to look "cool" or in style.

The longer ive been playing my drums have gotten slowly lower and flatter and its been gradual but even my cymbals have gotten lower and closer.. it makes sense playing metal to have everything very close and not have to reach.

when flat toms are "out of style" I will continue with them being flat.

if i had a 4 piece kit it would be a piece of cake.. with a 7 piece its a bit harder right over the kick..

my last kit was a 10 piece with 2 22 inch kick drums. all very large toms.. i will never go that route again. it looked great but was a pain for shows. (id only take half even)

smaller drums are just more practical. its nicer to haul gear. they sound great. cost less (sometimes) so if this is a fad, consider me a hipster for life
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