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Default Re: Drummers who've inspired your playing

It started off with Ben Gillies from Silverchair when I was junior high. He was kinda like my "Ringo"--the catalyst that started it all. I thought it was amazing that he wasn't but just a few years older than me and was in a famous rock band.

Then in my teenage years and early 20's it was guys like Abe Cunningham, Jose Pasillas, and Chad Sexton. I was a big fan of their bands and still am to this day.

These days it's guys like JoJo Mayer, Dave Weckl, Vinnie, and Benny Greb. For the past few years I've been following them so closely because they just take the drumset to a level I never thought it could go. And then I decided to look into that guy you may or may not have heard of named Tony Williams. Yeah, talk about having your whole perspective of an instrument turned on its head....but in a good way of course.
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