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Default Re: Am I a terrible drummer?

Originally Posted by mikel View Post
As Stewart Copeland said: "Slavish devotion to copying and emulation is the death of musical creativity. . That whole thing of replicating what others do is a siren call. The sirens lure you to the rocks of unoriginality."
That's partially true.. it's funny, 99% of drum parts I don't mind toying with if it suits the music or if it brings a fresh take on an old original.. but when it comes to the Beatles .. well all bets are off! Those tunes are so ingrained and perfect that I've never heard any one do a take on them that is better... and if you do change a Beatles tune you have to be prepared for an audience with very critical ears!

.. and of course it's near impossible to totally duplicate the sound and feel (unless you are a polished tribute band)..
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