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Default Re: Am I a terrible drummer?

Your missing the point,I think.When you say to someone that a particular performance is lacking,it's the same as saying it wasn't a good performance.That usually just comes down to a matter of taste in studio recordings,and not sub standard musicianship.

Lacking:adjective,meaning not coming up to standard,insufficent,inadequate,meager..

Nothing about his playing meets that deffinition.Deep reverence is ridiculous.I just recognize good playing when I hear it,be it Ringo,Charlie watts,Simon Phillips,Vinny,or Buddy Rich.

Maybe you just don't get Ringo,just like some don't get Buddy,or Vinny C and thats fine too.But thats a matter of taste,and not adequacy.The two are VASTLY different things.

If you serve the SONG and The MUSIC first instead of your own ego,then your a drummer.Sometimes restraint is part of that equasion.

Nobody is saying you can't deviate from the original,and make up your own parts,that may feel better to you.But nothing about those Beatle records was lacking in the drum dept.and there was never a bad or inadequate performance because it wasn't busier.That's absurd.

Steve B
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