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Default Re: Flattening toms?

You could say "drum fashion" - or you could say "changing things up a little every once in a while keeps things fresh".

My preference is - like many others have - to have everything slightly tilted towards me, both cymbals and drums. No need to reach or get awkward, everything is accessible and comfortable. Easy to play at all dynamic levels.

I have my rack tom on a snare stand - not because it's cool, but because the bass drum has been broken and re-glued and I don't want to stress the drum. It looks cool, yes, in a way. But so does a mounted tom.

Do I see stuff on the net and get ideas? Yes. I might even try some new things because I'm curious, just to see how it feels. But at the end of the day I set up my drums the way they feel the most natural to me.

It's not about fashion.
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