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Default Re: Flattening toms?

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The consept of the virgin bass drum is also nothing new,as toms were mounted on bass drums using clamps ,since the mid 30's.Now we're just using clamps to mount them to racks and cymbal stands.

The consept of virgin bass drums being better sonicly is again,more drum re- fashion than actually decernable.I'd love to hear a blind comparison test of a virgin drum and one that has mounts attached.

It is in truth , more style than actual substance.
I'm thinking it's not so much the look of a virgin BD, as it is cutting out the application of a mount and not mounting the toms to the bass drum which in fact, with all that weight resting on top of the BD when the toms are on it, has an effect on the shell. I've tested the difference with my X7 BD with the mount and toms vs them being on the rack and there is a difference. It obviously doesn't completely deaden the drum but it does have some effect on the sustain.
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