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Default Re: Flattening toms?

Originally Posted by kyle View Post
Travis Barker plays with flat toms so its not exactly just this generation.
I believe I said"greatly limited to younger players only",if you would re-read my post.I certainly wasn't disecting generations .

I also said "greatly" which dosen't mean all the time,and is not all inclusive.

Travis Barker is still in his 30's.He was born in 75.He is still a young man by ANY standard,and also needs to maintain a visual youthfull appearence in both his physical appearence ,and that of his gear to remain viable as an artist and an endorcer.If you think 30's is old,then you must be 13.

Do you believe that an artist like him dosen't do anything to maintain a fan base?

It's the same reason actors/musicians die their hair,get plastic surgery and drive cool cars

Sometimes it's just being shallow,other times,it's business smart to remain fashonable.

What would you or others say,if Vinny Colaiuta suddenly turned up a month from now,all tattet /pierced up,playing a lime green acrylic 4 piece kit,that lit up,with the toms/cymbals all flat,playing in a metal core band(which he has the chops to do)?

Would you say that MAYBE,he's attempting to cultivate a younger fan base?Why change gear and start setting up in a way that appeals to a different fan base.

How about Steve Gadd.Would you expect him to use that rig?How about Travis Barker of Joey Jordinson,using Gadds Yammies,like Gadd sets them up?

Kind of out of their

Saying it's a fashion or an age thing is not a bad just is. Every genation/age group has something they mostly find fashionable.Own it.

Steve B.

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