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Default Re: Am I a terrible drummer?

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
I think it's just awe inspiring that you aren't seeking anybodies approval.It's equally astounding that no ones has ever complained.Tacit approval can be inspiring

So because Ringos performance is DIFFERENT than yours,his was some how LACKING? Not just different....and totally original?

So no credit for actually coming up with the drum parts to an original song,and having to please three of the biggest celebrity musicians in the world,not to mention some of the most critical perfectionists in McCartney and producer,George Martin.

The ground work was already done.That's the hard part.

Steve B
I don't care as much as you do. Ringo can go pound sand. Sorry that I don't hold all these drummers in such high regard as you do. I like playing things my own way and hitting the signature parts. If I think a part is lacking, then I make it my own. If I can't play a part, then I do what I can. I don't hold such a deep reverence for the original song parts like you guys.

So freakin' what?
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