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Default Re: Flattening toms?

Originally Posted by Matt_C View Post
I put them at angles that feel comfortable - nothing more, nothing less. I don't subscribe to setting up drums based just on looks; if it's not comfortable, then it's not for me.
This is me exactly also.

I had deep bass drums since 1990. That's WAY before they became popular.
I've also used a hi hat side floor tom for over 20 years too. I copped it from seeing Papa Joe in a video with one way back when. Now it's become popular to do in the last couple years.

My ft's are flat, but angled outward, so I don't have to turn much, if at all to get to the 2nd ft.
Similar to Steve Smith, but maybe not as "outward" as he uses them.
My snare is angled away from me a little, and my tom is almost flat. The snare height usually ends up at about half the shell depth of the tom.
Even though I mainly use a 26, the tom is still basically in front of my snare.

This all just fits my stroke, and placements are where my hands land naturally.

I like the sound of the deeper bass drums. Not that I don't like the "traditional" sound, but I like an 18" or 20" depth shell too.
Coincidentally, I'm going to 18" instead of 20" deep on my giging bass drums right now. TBH, it's just easier lug around being a little shorter, and not having to adjust the strap lengths on the case for different bass drums is nice.

Nothing to do with the sound being better on one or the other. I like them both in sound. I already had 1, 18" deep bass drum, so I had another one cut down (to 18") that had the Mach (long) lugs.
I dig the sound my 14" & 16" deep bass drum too. I like the look of both long and short bass drums.

Everything old becomes new again is right, but, I'll be using my same set up when everyone thinks that a traditional 5 piece, 2 up, one down is the way to go.
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