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Default Re: Flattening toms?

Flat toms and cymbals seem to be drum fashion,the same as putting a tom on a snare stand ,and sticking it way out there.

There some players who did that in the 60's.Ginger Baker still sets up his toms flat,and Dino Danelli at one time put his mounted tom on a snare stand,but not flat.His cymbals were also at one time,flat.He did change that after realizing that he was cracking way too many,and now,all of his cymbals are angled

As far as snare stand mounted toms,Slingerland in fact in their 64 catalog ,sold a model called "The Jet" ,which came with a 14x18 virgin bass drum,that had stick saver 18" rims,instead of wooden hoops.The set also came with a snare stand for the 8x12 virgin tom.This didn't catch on at all,and those drum sets are indeed rare and collectable

This aspect of drum fashion will pass,just as deep bass drums are beginning to disapear,in favor of shallower ,punchier 14 and 12" deep bass drums.The actual Idea for deep bass drums came from Louis Bellson,who had a Gretsch set with two 20x20 bass 1947.

My drums,including my floor toms, are set up slightly angled to well as all of my cymbals.They are much easier for me to play that way.

As far as flat and low set ups,,they will slowly disapear,and what was old,will again become new.

Steve B
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