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Default Re: Am I a terrible drummer?


Sorry to read you're having a hard time, no one likes to be beaten into the ground daily, not fun.

There has been a lot of good advise given here, you're new to the site, so It may read like tough love, but those who have offered advice are good folk, and are looking to help.

One point I would echo, is to try and have a quite word with the MD, at a time when he is not rushed, and ask for some pointers and examples of where he feels things are not going right, it will show you care, and are willing to ask for help.

If it is a question of maybe you're overplaying, try to get this out of your system when you're practicing on your own, then put on your Ringo hat for rehearsals.

Lastly, drumming is meant to be fun, even in a band or drumline, so keep your head high, and realise after 3 years of drumming you're the one on the stool, not someone else, so its not all going wrong!

Please keep us up to date with how things progress.

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