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Default Re: Having trouble playing with click

haha all good. I'm just another drummer trying to hand out tips. I never used the internet/forums when i started playing.

I find the clicks in reaper/protools / other daws don't cut it for me...... i DO play loud. but i cant hear them until they are shaking my head making my eyes blink every time.

try using a different sound.... i also found a good tip in reaper.. set the click up as a track. so you can see the wave form of the click. then use a trigger vst and trigger the click track with a cowbell.... DONK DONK DONK... you can turn it down and here it pretty good.

and its harder to sync the slower you go... that was great advice.. double the speed of the click and use it as 1/8 notes.

if your playing REAL slow you could almost set it 4 times to 16th notes... its annoying to play with but the recording will sound tight
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