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Default Re: Vic Firth TITAN Drumsticks - Product Spotlight video

I just got a pair and so far, so good.

My biggest pet peeve with sticks is the weight inconsistency. Pitch pairing never made much sense to me as a kit player because I just take the sticks and throw them all in my stick bag anyway. But I hate it when one stick feels much lighter than the other.

These sticks are on the heavy side, which I like, and they are the same weight, every time. They are straight and I assume that they will maintain their straightness despite temperate and humidity changes, we'll see about that.

I use nylon tip sticks so I the change in cymbal tone is negligible as a rock player. They do sound much better and more natural than any other synthetic stick I've used. Rimshots are killer. (I doubt the straight ahead guys will change anyway.)

I got a pair for $42.00 . If they make me happy over the next few months, I may switch.
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