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Default Re: Am I a terrible drummer?

I knew Imagine wasn't Ringo, but that was an easily found clip that had the Ringoish vibe. I didn't know that Alan White was on the cut though. I can see Keltner or Gordon coping the vibe but I always thought of White in the Yes vein. Goes to show that a really good musician has more gears than you think.

That is one of the things that people starting out miss out on, I think. Copping the vibe and feel of the songs and the players on them. I think there is more to learn there that is musically useful than in complex time signatures and such. Somehow, you have to let go of the flash and recognize the skill needed to play all these different genres and feels. And feel the same sense of accomplishment when you get the feel that's on the original that you get when you manage to get though some elaborate riff.
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