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Default Re: Having trouble playing with click

I agree with what everyone is saying to a large extent.

The click should be FELT more than it should be HEARD.

When I first started practicing to a metronome, I had the track blaring. This creates a number of problems. First off, it kills your hearing. A piercing sound drilling your ear drums for any length of time at high volume is not good for the ear drums. And those are your most valuable drums! Secondly, in recording, a REALLY loud click will often bleed into the recording. Which is not something you want either.

So what I like to do is I turn the click down so it's JUST loud enough that I can hear it over my drums. And I just try and groove to it. Pay attention to it every so often just to make sure that you're on time. Most clicks will have a different BEEP for the "1" count, so as long as you can line up with that, you should be good.

I kinda feel like playing to a metronome is one of those things where you just wake up one day and a light bulb goes off and then suddenly you can't NOT play to it, lol.
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