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Default Re: Having trouble playing with click

Originally Posted by ricky View Post
I do have a setup with a DAW.

Something I was thinking is maybe contributing to my problem is hearing the click. I have it going in headphones, and I have to turn it up pretty loud. It's almost painful sometimes. I don't have the drums going through the headphones. I almost think part of it is the way I'm hearing my drums, the balance in the room or something (it's a very dead room), and then the click pounding in my ears.
You don't actually need the click very loud at all. You ought to able to turn it way down and still work with it. Besides, turning it up too loud is really dangerous for your hearing.

The problem isn't that you can't hear the click, it is that the click isn't working. A musical pulse acts like a drill sergeant, synchronizing the brain to it's beat. A metronome just isn't very musical, and if you try to play *to* it, it becomes torture. Instead of trying to listen to the click, try to feel for it. It is a small semantic difference, but a huge difference in result. Victor Wooten's book The Music Lesson might be a good read for you. It turned my head around on this point the 2nd time I read it.
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