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Default Re: Evans 360 heads sound difference

Originally Posted by drummerseahawkboy81 View Post
Guys I'm gonna keep this short and sweet and hopefully I get some feedback and not just 45 views and no reply. Anyways I re- headed my Saturn kit back in April this yr with Ec2s on my 8,10,12,14,16 toms HD dry on my 13' snare & EC reverse on my 14 ' snare all of these heads Evans but not the 360. For whatever reason my local GC didn't have the 360s yet. I don't gig anymore therefore I dont change my heads that often anymore. As of now the heads are in great shape no pitting just stick marks. My question are the new 360s that much of a difference as far as sound for me to change these now especially my toms ?
I didn't notice any real difference in sound, just a small difference in tunability.
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