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Yeah Duke, you're right with what you say.

I'd like to stretch my point a little further and get away from Hands and Feet. If I REALLY think about the qualities that I appreciate most in all my drumming heroes, I think that the two most important physical parts are not Hands and Feet, but Ears and the Heart.

THATS what it takes to be a great drummer. You need big ears to really notice what the other guys in the band are doing and to hear what they demand from your drumming. You need to pay attention to all the small details of their playing. You need these ears to determine if you're too loud, too soft, too far laid back, etc. Also to realize if the sound you're getting from your drums is the way you want it to be.
You also need a big heart, because if the music you're playing is not touching you there and if all you play doesn't come from your heart, then you will be a brain-driven drummer that no one will want to listen to, because you will never ever be able to touch someone elses heart with your playing.

Hands and Feet are just the limbs that execute these things, but they should always come from your heart and lock in with what you hear with your ears.

And now back to John, Tony, Elvin or any other true musical great drummer: They all certainly had big ears and their playing really came from their heart. If all these crazy Bonhamides that are just talking about his right foot, reduce John to this foot, then they obviously just didn't get, what he was all about: Music, Soul, Heart and Ears. End of the Story.


Oh yeah... and I forgot about this: Balls. Thats what it also takes.
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