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Default Re: Having trouble playing with click

Originally Posted by John Lamb View Post

Now - don't get me wrong - having something measure your tempo is really really important. I just don't think the metronome is the best tool for the job. Instead, I advocate using a step sequencer, such as a drum machine. There are many free phone and browser apps, as well as more fully functioning programs such as Fruity Loops where you can program in something that is a bit easier and FAR, FAR, FAR more pleasant to work with.
I do have a setup with a DAW.

Something I was thinking is maybe contributing to my problem is hearing the click. I have it going in headphones, and I have to turn it up pretty loud. It's almost painful sometimes. I don't have the drums going through the headphones. I almost think part of it is the way I'm hearing my drums, the balance in the room or something (it's a very dead room), and then the click pounding in my ears.
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