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Default Re: My daughter's first drum set

Yeah I'll admit that while the prospect of being a father is scary and nerve-racking, I'm a bit excited too. I'm sure she'll become curious about the drums, I'll show her a basic 4/4 money beat when she's 5 years old.....and then she'll put me to shame behind the drums by the time she is 8!

It's just sort of "bad" timing if you will for me musically. I just started getting seriously back into drums after an almost 20 yr layoff (I just turned 36) and my band has been getting lots of gig and it's been a blast. I'm practicing a lot and feel stronger than I've ever been behind the drum kit and really don't see myself putting my drumsticks away like I did many years ago.

Thankfully my wife is VERY supportive and understands that I will need my "band time." (Plus....the extra money from a few gigs a month will help pay for my daughter's future college tuition!) She will take baby to her mother's house on practice nights when it gets VERY loud in the house with the full band. Other than that, I'm not a really hard hitter and I can practice in the basement and it doesn't get TOO loud upstairs.

I'm looking forward to being a decent drummer and a great father for the rest of my life.
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