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Default Re: Having trouble playing with click

Originally Posted by ricky View Post
I'm pretty much a novice, and I'm trying to work on playing with click.

When I play without one I can keep a decent groove, but for some reason with a click, I tend to be late on the snare. Sometimes early on the kick and hihat, and then late on the snare. Makes the groove sound like it's dragging.

I can't find it back quickly now but I remember there was a thread with a comment on how things get more groovy when you slightly delay the 3, which means being late on the backbeat. You may be wrong time-wise, but right groove-wise. Of course you may be wrong groove-wise too if you exaggerate and get closer to the 3-uh than to the 3.

I do agree with previous post that the clicks should be seen as references, not every note must be right on the click and not a millisecond later. Drumming with a mtronome becomes stressful otherwise. I see it as a tool that prevents you from rushing or dragging, not a tool that tells you exactly where to place your hits.
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