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Default Re: Am I a terrible drummer?

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
I completely disagree.I think Ringos drumming on that tune ,fits the arrangement perfectly.What exactly was it lacking?

The difference between his performance and Joey Kramers, is so slight as to be negligible.The only real difference, is a few more beats in Kramers fill,and a slightly faster tempo,which was no doubt a Lennon/Martin decision,and not Ringos.He could have easily played it faster if need be.
I personally think Ringo's playing on that was just right, and really a 'signature' of him. Greta dynamics.
The other difference of course is Ringo had dishtowels on his toms for that cut. Thats why the drums are so muted, or thud like.
George Martin was having Ringo use that a lot for some of their last works. You can also see dishtowels on his toms for the concert for Bangladesh (the movie).

To the OP, don't give up, take what positive advice you can from your director. My guess is he's asking you to underplay or at least not overplay. I think Ringo is a great reference to use, the same way somebody would say "try to play it more like" Keith Moon (impossible?) or John Bonham.
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