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Default Re: Evans New Black CHROME Heads

For a birch shelled kit that might be the case. I play Evans G1's or G2's on my S Classix birch kit. For them to really sing they like the single ply heads (G1 or Ambassador).

My vintage kit I have them on is a hybrid. Yes it is birch shelled but the top bearing edges are a round over and bottoms are a 45. I get a lot of shell sound this way and hence to my ears I dont feel they deaden the sound. I also use clear G1 (Ambassador) reso heads.

In the case of the studio they manipulate the sound so much that I would not really call it fair to base them off of just that. To me they sound like a wamer version of the Evans G14.

For my main maple shelled kit I used coated G2's over clear G1's. Usually I buy a few heads of any given brand and try them out on a single drum first. There are some combinations that I admit will work better than others. All depends on the application, bearing edge, shell material and so forth.
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